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Our Programs


Aatman Dialogues

Aatman Dialogues is our platform for initiating vital conversations about mental health. We gather individuals, professionals, and advocates to engage in meaningful dialogues. Together, we explore uncomfortable topics, spread awareness, and document these conversations to foster understanding and break the stigma surrounding mental health. Join us in shaping the dialogue and making a difference.

Aatman Expressions

Aatman Expressions is where mental health meets the arts. Through workshops, we focus on self-care and self-exploration using various creative mediums such as art, music, theatre, and movement therapies. Our aim is to empower individuals to enhance their mental well-being through artistic expression. Join us in this creative journey toward better mental health.

Aatman Mental Health Support Fund

The Aatman Mental Health Support Fund is our commitment to making mental health support more accessible. This fund aims to subsidize counseling costs for students, LGBTQIA+ individuals, people suffering from grief, and marginalized communities. We facilitate financial aid to ensure that mental health services are within reach for those who need them, fostering a healthier society.

Aatman Spaces

Aatman Space transforms physical environments like cafeterias and gardens into mental health-friendly spaces. These spaces foster well-being, encourage meaningful conversations, and offer preventive mental health support. Aatman Space projects aim to create inclusive, supportive, and stigma-free settings for individuals to prioritize their mental health.

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