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About Aatman Foundation

Aatman Foundation is a non-profit organization working to provide mental health services easily and practically. Our main objective is to provide quality Mental Health Services and support through direct outreach, referral services, and partnerships.

Our Goals

Over the next five years, we aim to achieve several critical goals:

1. Expanding Aatman Spaces ~ We aspire to transform numerous physical environments into compassionate and mentally supportive spaces, extending our impact to a broader spectrum of locations and communities.

2. Broadening Aatman Dialogues ~ Our goal is to reach a more extensive and diverse audience, initiating vital conversations around mental health, breaking down stigma, and fostering empathy and understanding on a larger scale.

3. Scaling the "Mental Health Support Fund" ~ We intend to enhance the financial accessibility of mental health support by subsidizing counseling services for a growing number of individuals, particularly students, LGBTQIA+ members, and marginalized communities.

4. Increasing Outreach and Impact ~ Aatman Foundation aims to amplify its reach and impact by collaborating with more like-minded organizations, mental health professionals, and advocates to create a robust network for mental well-being.

5. Advocating for Policy Change ~ We are committed to actively participating in advocacy efforts and initiatives that seek to improve mental health policies, reduce discrimination, and increase awareness at the regional, national, and global levels.

6. Empowering Communities ~ Our vision includes empowering individuals and communities with the knowledge and resources they need to prioritize and manage their mental health effectively.

7. Research and Innovation ~ We plan to invest in research and innovation, continuously seeking new and effective ways to promote mental wellness and reduce mental health disparities.

8. Sustainability and Growth ~ Aatman Foundation is dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our projects and securing the necessary resources to expand our reach and make a lasting impact.

Through these goals, Aatman Foundation aims to create a more compassionate, informed, and empathetic world where mental health is prioritized and celebrated.


Advisory Board

The Faces of Our Organization

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Surbhi Khandelwal

Advisory Board Member

Acclaimed Clinical Psychologist Associate, Art Therapy Practitioner, and Mental Health Advocate.

Mrigtrishna  Rathore

Advisory Board Member

Social Entrepreneur.

She has been organizing weekly sharing circles in Jaipur since last 4 years.

Kunjam Khurana

Advisory Board Member

Counseling Psychologist, Phd Scholar and Founder of Unclutter Mind, Distinguished with Gold Medal in Advanced Counseling and Guidance.



Vishnu Pareek


A seasoned IT professional with 15 years of experience, Vishnu's expertise lies in Quality Assurance, Project Management, and IT Consulting. As a Senior Consultant at EY, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate complex IT landscapes and deliver results. Vishnu's dedication and strategic mindset have played a pivotal role in shaping the foundation's journey.

Sharad Kaushik


With 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Sharad brings a wealth of knowledge to Aatman Foundation. Currently holding the position of Senior Manager at EY, he specializes in Business Consulting and Strategy, along with exceptional skills in Project Management. Sharad's deep understanding of both the business and IT realms has been instrumental in driving the foundation's success.

Opal Chaudhary


Opal is an IT Engineer and one of the Co-Founders of Aatman Foundation. With a career spanning over a decade in the public sector, Opal has served in various government departments, including Elections, Agriculture, and Medical and Health. Currently holding the position of Assistant Programmer in the Department of IT and Communications, Opal has been a key contributor to the development and implementation of efficient and innovative solutions aimed at improving public services.

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